Posted by: nancyisanders | March 9, 2012

Marketing Your Book with a VBT

Now that we’ve allowed ourselves to dream again, I hope you’re recharged to pursue your dreams.

And even though some dreams may be very “pie in the sky,” there are actually practical steps you can take to start making your writing dreams come true.

If you already have a published book, one of your dreams might be to increase sales of your book or get your book into the hands and hearts of more readers.

One of the practical steps you can take to help get your book more exposure is to market your book with a VBT, or Virtual Book Tour.

If you’ve never done a Virtual Book Tour, don’t feel overwhelmed!

You can make it as simple as your comfort zone allows. Here’s a list of the most basic steps you can take to have a Virtual Book Tour:
Step 1: Ask 5 friends with blogs to help you.
Step 2: Send each of these friends a jpg picture of you and your book’s cover.
Step 3: Send each of these friends a short question/answer interview about your book and your life as a writer.
Step 4: Schedule each of these friends to post your interview and pictures on their blogs, one day each, Monday through Friday, all together in one week.
Step 5: Then on your own blog, provide links each day to your friends’ sites.

There! Go ahead and set up a Virtual Book Tour for your book! If you’ve written a children’s book, I’d be happy to be part of your tour, too. I love to post author interviews here on my blog. That means you only have to find 4 other friends with blogs!

And if you want to see a Virtual Book Tour in action, just stay tuned and join me all next week as I help market my book, D is for Drinking Gourd, in cyberspace with a VBT.


  1. Thanks for the info shared about working with a publicist. I’ll tuck that away for the future.

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