Posted by: nancyisanders | March 30, 2012

Publicists: Good Reads

Man reading book

Okay, just one more thing I’ve got to share with you before I get back to talking about filling in the Author’s Questionairre…


My marketing manager, Mary, also asked me to sign up for GoodReads.

So of course, I did! (And if you sign up or are already a member there, friend me! I have to figure out how to do that, too, and I’ll friend you back.)

And even more exciting for us as authors is that GoodReads has a special Author’s Program. Check it out!!!

And when I mentioned GoodReads to the marketing google group I belong to that my agent has organized, other authors in our group highly recommended it as a place to network with READERS and get the word out about your book.

Now, I’ve had connections with other writers (like all you great writer friends here!) but I have been lacking connections with people who aren’t writers but who love to read. So I am jazzed now to be part of the GoodReads community and plan on spending some time there each week as we’re preparing to launch my book in order to get some great connections with readers and hopefully generate some interest in my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids, that will be available in June.

One word of caution from my agent’s marketing group, though…be a GOOD member of GoodReads and only post good comments about good books you love. Negative feedback or response tends to snowball and not in a nice way.

This is a good point to remember for every writer. Writing is our job and we want to be professional in everything we do and in every group we join.

Now…next post (I promise!) I’ll get back to what my publicist needs to see in the author’s questionairre I filled out…so you can know what to expect when your new book launches!

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