Posted by: nancyisanders | April 4, 2012

Publicists: Author’s Questionnaire

The next section on my Author’s questionnaire that I was filling out for my publicist was a space to list my books published. There were 4 spaces.

Now, I know some of you who read my blog have published lots of books. So have I.

So in a spot like this, I picked the top 4 titles that I wanted my publicist to see that might help him during the launch of my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids that will be released in June. (I had already attached my resume to the questionnaire which listed most of my other books.)

I wanted my publicist to know about these 4 key books for a variety of reasons:
#1 My book, 25 Read and Write Mini-Books that Teach Word Families is a bestselling book with Scholastic and many teachers are familiar with it. (See the picture above.) Since we want teachers to learn about Frederick Douglass for Kids and use it in their classroom, this was an important connection.
#2 My three other books on African American History already have a following, so the connection to these is also important any time my publicist might mention them to the contacts he is making. These titles included:

D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet
A Kid’s Guide to African American History
America’s Black Founders

As you’re trying to create a buzz for your newest book with your publicist, it’s important to include the following you already have with your books that are already published that target a similar audience. So choose the top books to tell your publicist about that will help publicize your newest book the best.

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