Posted by: nancyisanders | April 11, 2012

Publicists: Book Signings

Another opportunity authors have at conventions is to sign their new book. If you are planning to attend a convention the year your new book is being released, be sure to tell your publisher as early as possible so that they can set up a booksigning or other event if that might fit into their plans.

When I contacted my publisher about attending ALA in Anaheim in June, I asked if they might like to schedule a booksigning or other event. To my joy and excitement, Mary, my marketing manager checked around and said…Yes!

So then the question was…when?

Mary checked with the person who is setting up all the details about ALA at the publishing house and that person sent information about the other authors who will be doing book signings at their book as well as a list of times that would NOT be good to schedule a signing because other hugely famous authors were speaking or signing at a main event.

Then I checked with Jeff’s and my schedule and sent back to Mary a time that would be good for us. I can hardly wait! Not only will it be exciting to hold my brand new book in my hands, but it will be awesome to share the excitement about my book with librarians from all over the nation!


  1. nancy, what a wonderful opportunity. Hope the autograph line is a mile long!!!

  2. Sounds soooo fun! Wish I could be there, too, and watch.

    • Tina, it would be fun to have you along for the event, but it would also be sooo nice to see you again!!!

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