Posted by: nancyisanders | April 13, 2012

Publicists: Book Reviews

As my publicist, Josh Williams, is busy on his end sending out galleys and making media connections in preparation for the release of my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids, I’m on a mission!

I’m tracking down and hunting up mega blogs that review children’s books!


Because these blogs have big followers. 1000 people or more. Their followers are eager to read about the newest children’s books that their favorite blogger blogs about.

I know from experience that when one of my books got reviewed positively at one of these big blogs, the publisher saw sales of my book skyrocket that week.

So, I try to spend a little bit of my time looking here and looking there and networking with my writer friends to try to find these blogging sites. Then I dig around on the sites and look for the contact information for the person who reviews the books.

And then I e-mail the contact information on over to my publicist Josh!

Josh is collecting these in a list of contacts he’ll pursue after the book is published to hopefully land some great book reviews.

So while you’re waiting for your new book to come out, go ahead and go on a search, too. Look for mega blogs that post reviews about the kind of book you wrote. Then either contact them yourself and ask if they’d be interested in reviewing your book on their site, or send their contact info on over to your publicist. It’s a great way to increase exposure for the release of your book!


  1. That’s a great idea,Nancy. Since my book is a Christian devotional for women, I guess I would google blogs for women or Christian women’s blogs, right? I must admit, it’s a little scary to put your book “out there” because some may not like it and give you a bad review (I’m sure you have never gotten one of those!). Does a bad review do lots of damage to book sales?

    • Yes, if you google blogs for women or Christian women’s blogs, that’s a great idea! Also google inspirational and spiritual blogs. I like to also search for the words “Top” or “Favorite” ones in those categories, too. And you can also kind of see who are the bestselling women’s devotionals in the Christian market and see what their blogs look like.

      And yes, I’ve gotten “bad” reviews before. You just have to let those go. Your book will get so many great reviews, tho, you don’t have to worry about it. Bad reviews of a good book are usually taken for what they are…that person’s personal gripe. Unless your book is a poorly written book or totally off the deep end, those random bad reviews shouldn’t hurt sales too much.

  2. Be sure to try and

  3. And

    • Wow, these are such helpful links! Thanks for sharing!!!

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