Posted by: nancyisanders | May 1, 2012

Publicists: Author’s Questionnaire

The one other list that was requested on the Author’s Questionnaire that I had to fill out to send my publicist for the release of my upcoming book, Frederick Douglass for Kids, was a list of catalogs, specialty stores, or organizations OUTSIDE the book trade who might be interested in purchasing my book.

Since my book deals with history, this is the place I listed potential museums, memorials, foundations and historical societies that covered my topic. Most of these were places I ran across while doing the research for my book, so once again, I collected these names and their contact info while in the process of writing my book.

I listed them on the questionnaire for my publicist to contact and let them know about my book. And if you don’t have a publicist in the loop, you can contact these types of places for your own book.

Well…that’s it! That’s the type of information that my publicist needed to have filled out on the Author’s Questionnaire so that he can help market my book during the weeks leading up to its release and when it first gets published.

I hope you’ve learned some helpful tips for marketing your own book when it’s launched, too!

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