Posted by: nancyisanders | May 18, 2012

Virtual Book Tour: Scheduling Stops

The first thing I did to schedule stops on my upcoming Virtual Book Tour was to take advantage of the FREE…(did I say FREE?)…5-day Virtual Book Tour that is offered to every member of the Working Writer’s Club.

Okay. I guess that’s not exactly free because it does cost $9.99 each month to be a member of this club. (But that’s only until May 31!) After that, membership will be about $25 per month.

But if you’re serious about establishing your business as a freelance writer, then this club is for you! And if you sign up to join it by May 31, you’ll have a lifetime membership locked into place at $9.99 per month. Personally, I can’t think of any other writing community that gives you the benefits this club gives for that low price. For that membership price, you get teleclasses, advice from a professional writing coach, opportunities to get articles published…and fantastic stuff like Virtual Book Tours–which can cost thousands of dollars elsewhere! So if you want to join the Working Writers Club and schedule a week-long Virtual Book Tour through them, just click on the link of this picture and follow the instructions to join.

For the launch of my book, however, I wanted longer than one week for my tour. I wanted to host a 2-week tour. So for the second week of my tour, I posted a message in a writer’s group that I belong to for nonfiction children’s writers. If you’d like to check out this yahoo group, just send an e-mail to:

This is basically a forum where children’s nonfiction writers talk about nonfiction writing for kids!

Well, the response was so great from that group that I just might be extending the tour a little bit longer than planned, but that makes it even more fun!!!!

My publicist, Josh, checked in with me to see what spots I’m hosting on my tour. So I’ll keep him linked in to the tour as well. Plus, I told him that as he arranges some really big online sites to post review of my book, I’ll host another tour later on in the year to include the links to those.

It’s great to host Virtual Book Tours when you can…anytime you can increase exposure on other people’s sites about your book, your audience just keeps on growing!


  1. Great info to know. I’ll have to check out that NF Yahoo group. I think Ev told me about it once. My question is…do writers of work-for-hire books market their books, or does the publisher handle all of it?

    • Hi Tina! Publishers don’t expect writers to help market wfh books…but if you want to gain some experience in hosting a Virtual Book Tour or doing booksignings, etc. it’s a great opportunity! Personally, I’ve not marketed my wfh hire books…and these publishers usually market them so much anyhow that the sales numbers build up quickly!

  2. Sounds like an exciting time, Nancy. And I can vouch for the NF listserv–lots of talented, knowledgeable, and generous writers on there and even some editors.

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