Posted by: nancyisanders | May 22, 2012

Writer’s Notebook Worksheets

First Page Picture Book Rubric

Rubrics are great tools to use as writers. They’re a kind of check list you can go through to evaluate your own manuscripts, manuscripts people bring to a critique group, and published articles or books.

The first page of a picture book is very important. The first page of a successful picture book contains essential ingredients.

To make the first page of a picture book manuscript shine to catch an agent’s or editor’s eye, use this rubric and evaluate it. Mark its strengths and weaknesses. Then brainstorm ideas to take it up a notch based on your evaluation.

And if you’re studying a picture book that’s already published in the market today, use this rubric to learn why it works…or doesn’t.

To download a copy of your very own FIRST PAGE PICTURE BOOK RUBRIC, visit the site of my writing buddies, Writing According to Humphrey and Friends. Click on the link for the FIRST PAGE PICTURE BOOK RUBRIC, download it, print it out and add it to your personal writer’s notebook.

And if there’s something on this rubric that you don’t understand, please post a comment here and I’ll answer your questions. Or better yet…if you have a group of writer friends and would like me to teach a Virtual Workshop on how to write awesome First Pages for your picture books, find out more information about scheduling a workshop at my site, Virtual Visit Zone.


  1. Thanks, this is very helpful!

  2. This is great. Thanks for shaing.

    • You’re welcome! I just taught a 1-hour workshop on first pages so thought this rubric might come in handy for lots of writers!

  3. Hi Nancy, thank you so much for sharing all of these forms and worksheets. I am determined to keep working at it until I get it right and have one of my books picked up by a publisher.

    • Hooray for you Janet! And you’re welcome. I know you can do it!!!!

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