Posted by: nancyisanders | May 30, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

I just finished uploading several free products to the site Teachers Pay Teachers.

I uploaded free printable bookmarks for my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids.

I also uploaded worksheets for a teacher’s guide (or study guide) to use with students as teachers are incorporating my book into their curriculum.

It’s part of the “behind-the-scenes” activities I’m doing to help launch my book into the world.

One of the hardest markets to tap into is to find ways to let teachers use your book in the classroom. First you have to find a way to connect with teachers. Then you have to provide them with material that supports the standards and that they can actually use.

So at Teachers Pay Teachers, they offer study guides for various books for teachers to download and fun stuff like printable bookmarks that they can print out and distribute to their students. I figured it was a win-win situation to offer these products for free to encourage the use of my book. Not only does this connect with teachers and let them know about my book, but it gives them something they can actually use in the classroom, too.

I just designed a set of bookmarks and a teacher’s guide on my publishing program I have on my computer. I also offer them as downloads on my book’s website. You can see them and get ideas for making your own by clicking here.

If you’re a teacher, sign up for Teachers Pay Teachers today! Take advantage of this great connecting tool. And if you’re not a teacher, perhaps you know a teacher who would be willing to post your stuff on there, too. They even offer material for adult education if your books are for adults.


  1. This is brilliant–thanks so much for letting us know about it! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Angela! Your new book, Emotion Thesaurus, would be perfect for teachers to use in the classroom!

    • Oh, and Angela, I just checked my sales record on Teachers Pay Teachers and from what I can see it looks like nearly 20 people have downloaded my worksheets and bookmarks so far…just since I put them on there. Yippee!

  2. Wow, Nancy! You read my thoughts! I’ve used TPT this whole school year, and with the help of my husband am writing/designing units to sell! That’s great 20 people have already downloaded your stuff!

    • How exciting for you, Tina! And I’m helping Jeff get one of his units ready to sell on there, too. It seems to be a great resource to connect with teachers in lots of ways!

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