Posted by: nancyisanders | June 1, 2012

Welcome to My Book Launch Party!

Welcome to my book launch party to celebrate the release of my newest book, Frederick Douglass for Kids!

Since July 23, 2009, this book has been a major part of my life. From the idea stage, to the 2-week photo-research tour, to the weeks and months researching and writing the text, to the submission and revisions stage, and now to the release of the book into bookstores and museum stores all across the nation, this has definitely been a journey of a lifetime!

I invite you to come along and help celebrate the birth of this book about this amazing man. Frederick Douglass has been referred to as a giant, a true American hero, a brilliant spokesman, and one of the greatest leaders of all time.

Join in the celebration I’ll be hosting here on my blog for the next two weeks as I share stories behind the story, tips for writers, suggestions for teachers and homeschooling families, and much, much more!

Join in the fun! There will be prizes to win. We’ll be visiting exciting blogs of other authors and friends.

Join in the journey to help launch Frederick Douglass for Kids to the hearts and minds of children, parents, educators…and the world!

The first stop on my Book Launch Party is at the newsy and informative site for writers, Cheryl Reif Writes. Visit her site to learn more about my new book and the publisher who brought it to life!

Did I mention there would be prizes to celebrate my book launch party?! Yes!!! And the first prize is this: A free critique and evaluation of a 1-page query or cover letter for your book. Just post a comment here on my blog today and answer this question:

If you already heard about Frederick Douglass, what makes him a hero in your eyes? And if you have never yet heard of him, name one thing would you like to learn about this true American hero.

I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat who posts a comment here today. Come back tomorrow for another chance to win this prize, too. And on Wednesday, June 6, I’ll announce the name of the winner here on my blog.


  1. Congratulations Nancy! This is a beautiful book. I can’t wait to talk about it this summer on my KKCO News 11, Morning Show spot and my review site at I had heard of Frederick but never new his connection to President Lincoln. Very Happy for You 🙂

    • I’m so excited you’re going to help spread the word about Frederick Douglass for Kids, Diane! And yes, Douglass and Lincoln had great respect for each other! The first time Douglass visited the White House, it was to ask Lincoln for equal rights for black troops. The second time, Lincoln invited Douglass to come and give advice!

  2. Congratulations on your new book, Nancy. How exciting.

    I’m so glad you decided to write about Frederick Douglass. I recently finished Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind An American Friendship by Russell Freedman. I’ve always admired the way Douglass was able to get himself heard in an era when African Americans were looked down upon. Belief in himself and in his people helped change things in this country. Lincoln seems to have respected that.

    Wishing you the best,


    • I love Russell Freedman’s books! How great that you just read this one! And thanks for joining in my celebration.

  3. Congrats on your new book. I can’t wait to read it. We arein ca on a speaking engagement. I’m not sure how to post to your blog, but what I like best about fred is that he loved to learn and taught himself so much. Just lik tony_smile. Thank you for the blessing you have always been in my life. Love. Sharon

    • Oh Sharon, it would be great to see you! Hope you can stop in and say hi!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Frederick Douglass for Kids, and may everyone know of him and his life through your book, Nancy.

    • Thanks for joining the birthday party, Mirka!

  5. Congrats on your fabulous new book, Nancy! I loved reading about your publishing process and look forward to hearing more in the weeks to come. I wish this book had been around when I was homeschooling :).

    • Thanks, Cheryl! And it’s so much fun to be visiting your awesome blog, too. Thanks for being the first stop for my Book Launch Party!!!

  6. Congratulations on your new book, Nancy!! I’m so excited for you and for all the people who will get to read it. The name of Frederick Douglass is familiar to me, but I really don’t know anything about him. I would like to know why he’s important to our country. And now I’m off to Cheryl’s site to learn more and help you celebrate your book’s birthday. Cheers! And Blessings!

    • Thanks, Ev! And I’m excited that you’re going to learn lots about Frederick Douglass. He was simply an amazing man…he truly believed one person can make a difference and he DID.

  7. How fun, this book blog party! To be honest, I didn’t like history in school, and so I don’t remember anything about him. I need to read your book.

    • Actually, Tina, school books didn’t used to include much if anything about Frederick Douglass. Now they’re starting to, so that’s a good thing, considering he was one of the most famous and well-known Americans in the years leading up to the Civil War…in both American AND England!!! It’s great to have you join in the party!

  8. I have long been a fan of Douglass as he is one individual always showcased during annual Black History Month celebrations at school. I can remember as a child reading a comic book based on his life as well. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Cedar Hill in Washington, too. As a fan of “D is for the Drinking Gourd,” i know that you have done an exceptional job on the noted American. I anxiously look forward to reading the book and making it a part of my niece’s and nephew’s lives, as I did the other classic.

    • Thank you so much, Reginald. Your opinion of my books is highly treasured! How wonderful that you remember reading about Frederick Douglass as a child, too! And isn’t Cedar Hill a treasure to visit?!

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