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Book Launch Party: Frederick Douglass for Kids

Welcome back to my book launch party to celebrate the release of my newest book, Frederick Douglass for Kids!

Today’s stop on my virtual Book Launch Party is taking place at the site Writing Tips Blog, hosted by my cyberspace friend, Irene Roth.

Visit Irene’s site to learn more about Frederick Douglass and how I got the idea to write about him!

Today I’m announcing two different winners!

The winner of the set of free autographed bookmarks for my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids is…

Beth MacKinney!

Congratulations! Please send me an e-mail with your street address and I’ll get those bookmarks in the mail!

And our second winner is for your first page of your manuscript. This winner is:

Diane Kress Hower

Wahoo!!!! Please send me an e-mail with the first page of your manuscript and I’ll critique it and send it back to you. You may e-mail me at:

Thanks everyone for joining in the fun and celebrating along with this book launch party.

Today we’re starting a new contest…a chance to win a free critique of your picture book OR the first 5 pages of your manuscript.

Just post a comment here today to say hi, or answer the question below and I’ll put your name in the hat today for a chance to win the prize. (A winner will be announced on Monday, June 18 here on my blog.)

When Frederick Douglass escaped to freedom, he took a giant step forward to change his dreams into reality. What steps are you taking to make your own personal dreams and goals a reality?

About Frederick Douglass
Here on my blog during the book launch party, I’m sharing photographs I took with my husband Jeff and our son Ben as we traveled through the eastern states where Frederick Douglass once lived.

When Douglass escaped from slavery, he traveled from the slave state of Maryland on up north to the free state of Pennsylvania and then up to New York City. It was not safe for any fugitive slave, however, even in the free states because a slave catcher might recognize them, capture them, and take them back to their owners. It was here at this corner that members of New York City’s Underground Railroad helped Frederick by hiding him until Anna could come and meet him and they could be married.

Here’s the historic plaque commemorating this important event. (Just click on the picture if you want to see it up close and read what it says.) Little did these great freedom fighters who hid Douglass know that they were helping someone who would one day become the most famous freedom fighter in America during the years leading up to the Civil War! You can learn more about why he was so famous in my new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids. Buy it today on Amazon!


  1. My step is doing book readings at the local schools with my new children’s book. It has been much fun!

    • Wow, Cheryl, that’s so great that you’re getting out there and into the schools to share your brand new book with the world. Congratulations!

  2. I currently write PB, MG adventure, YA suspense and mystery, poetry and essays. I would love to branch out into fictionalized non-fiction and traditional non-fiction so I commend you on what I am sure will be another sucessful book! I have always been fascinated with Mr. Douglass’ life and read many variations of his story and speeches over the years. Can’t wait to read this one as well! Good luck with the book launch…

    Donna L Martin

    • Thank you, Donna! And I’m sure you’ll enjoy writing nonfiction, too…it’s such an amazing journey for us as writers. Best wishes with your writing!

  3. I was so surprised to find that I won the bookmarks! Thanks for the great prize, Nancy.

    • Yes, congratulations, Beth! I’ll be in touch over e-mail so you can get your prize! Thanks for joining in my celebration for the release of “Frederick Douglass for Kids’!

  4. Is the critique for only NF, or also for fiction PB?

    : )

    • The critique is for any genre, Beth!

  5. I recently read Anya Seyton’s “The Hearth and The Eagle” which touches upon the Underground Railroad in Marblehead, MA. Marblehead is remarkably well-preserved and would be a fascinating site for more research!

    I would definitely appreciate a critique for my historical fiction PB, so please drop my name in the hat too! Thanks and best wishes with the launch!

    • Thanks for sharing about Seyton’s book, Cathy! I’ll be sure to add it to my “to read” list. And your name’s in the hat!

  6. Congratulations to the winners. I continue to pursue my writing dreams. I attend two conferences a year. I’m in the middle of writing an elementary historical chapter book now, and have a middle grade historical partially done.

    One of the things I want to do over the summer is find a more regular schedule, so I can write more.

    Congratulations on this new release. It’s a wonderful book.

    • Good for you for wanting to establish a writing schedule! And you know, historical fiction requires a lot of research, too, just like nonfiction…isn’t it an exciting journey? Best wishes on your projects!

  7. I am so happy you have written this book! The Narrative of the Life of F.D. was one of the most moving pieces I have read as an adult. I am still flabbergasted that it was not required reading in HS, but I had both of my teens read it and be impressed…for life! We even believe we may have stood on the same shoreline he did!
    I started writing and illustrating picture books recently and though I have leapt far forward I cannot claim great courage as I find so much joy in every step! Starting a blog was a deep end jump, but I delight in every stroke too! I have participated in numerous contests and online challenges in the last 4 months, 2 ongoing, and find most often the support of fellow participants is what keeps me energized!
    Thank you for this opportunity Nancy

    • You’re welcome, Julie! Glad you joined in this Book Launch Party. And guess what?! All summer long here on my blog I’m going to be hosting a Picture Book Summer Celebration! We’ll be dicussing all things picture books, so stay tuned cause in about 2 more weeks, the picture book fun is gonna start!

  8. You’re having so much fun with this blog party 🙂 I’m trying to catch up. Regarding my dream/goal, I want to have a pb published, and so I’m trying to learn all I can about writing them by reading blogs, participating in pb critique groups and challenges, and also took a class. Looking forward to your pb topics coming as you mentioned above in the comments.

    • Thanks for joining in the party, Tina! And I’m so excited you’re going to be joining the picture book celebration that’s gonna take place here at my blog all summer. I’ve got some really fun things in store! Thanks for sharing your dreams and goals, too. I know you’re gonna get picture books published…I just know it!!

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