Posted by: nancyisanders | June 13, 2012

Book Launch Party: Frederick Douglass for Kids

Welcome back to my book launch party to celebrate the release of my newest book, Frederick Douglass for Kids!

Today’s stop on my virtual Book Launch Party is taking place at Karen Cioffi’s resourceful site for authors, Writing and Marketing.

Visit Karen’s site today to learn more about Frederick Douglass and how educators can use my book in their classrooms.

Today’s contest is a chance JUST FOR TODAY to win a free critique of the very last page of your manuscript.

Here’s what to do to get your name in the hat today for a chance to win the prize. (A winner will be announced on Monday, June 18 here on my blog.)

Visit Goodreads and read portions of the book in their Google preview. Then post a 5-star review of Frederick Douglass for Kids at Goodreads!

Visit Amazon and read portions of the book in their “Look inside the book” feature. Then post a 5-star review of Frederick Douglass for Kids on Amazon!

Just post one or both 5-star reviews and e-mail me at to let me know. I’ll put your name in the hat for a chance to win a free critique of your manuscript’s last page.

(And if you already posted a 5-star review before today, just give my book a “shout out” on your social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and e-mail to let me know. I’ll put your name in the hat for today’s prize, too!)

I know I have some readers around the world in different timezones, so just e-mail me when you read this and I’ll put your name in the hat. I’ll announce this winner on Monday, June 18. Join the fun and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get a free critique AND help spread the news about this important new book.

About Frederick Douglass
Here on my blog during the book launch party, I’m sharing photographs I took with my husband Jeff and our son Ben as we traveled through the eastern states where Frederick Douglass once lived.

Before we left Philadelphia, we drove through the streets looking for Chestnutt Street to get the above photograph. Here in an important parade that Frederick Douglass was voted to join to represent the citizens of his home town, Rochester, New York, he was reunited with the family of his former master. It was a time he never forgot!

After Philadelphia and New York, my family and I headed up to Boston for the first time ever!!!! I couldn’t wait to visit Faneuil Hall where so much history has taken place in our nation.

I had first written about Faneuil Hall in my book, America’s Black Founders. Many important events took place there during the era of the American Revolution.

Frederick Douglass also left his mark here as a famous orator speaking at Faneiul Hall. This was just one of the many places he spoke to packed crowds eager to hear his every word. I tell more about this in my book. Boston was truly an exciting place to visit, especially to learn more about the time Douglass spent in this historic city that has always been a seedbed of freedom in America.


  1. Amazing new book! Love it & gave it 5 Star Reviews for
    #Frederick Douglass for Kids

  2. Frederick Douglass is one of my favorite African American heroes and I think you have done him justice. Congratulations on your book launch!

    • Angela, thank you so much for your kudos. And coming from someone who treasures Frederick Douglass and his life’s work, I truly value your words indeed!

  3. We went to Boston years ago and I loved it. But, I think it would mean much more if you were in search of the life a person you were writing about.

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