Posted by: nancyisanders | June 20, 2012

Periodical Chart

Periodical Chart

When you’re trying to study magazines or other periodicals to decide which ones you’d like to submit to, it helps to fill in a chart so you can see in one quick glance information about such things as which rights which magazines purchase and how much they pay.

Every so often, I like to hold a writer’s mini-retreat by myself or gather with a group of writing friends and read through my writer’s market guides. As I find the names of magazines that interest me, I write down the title of each on my Periodical Chart as well as other information such as the URL of their website and the target age of their readers.

Then I keep this chart handy in a file folder inside a pocket folder where I keep samples of magazines as well as other notes about ideas, queries, and manuscripts I’d like to submit.

To download a copy of your very own PERIODICAL CHART, visit the site of my writing buddies, Writing According to Humphrey and Friends. Click on the link for the PERIODICAL CHART, download it, print it out and add it to your personal writer’s notebook.

Here’s what to fill in on the chart:
Periodical: Title of magazine
Editor: Name of editor in the department you’re interested in
E-mail: E-mail of this editor
Website: Magazine’s home site
Query: Note if they accept unsolicited queries or not
Circulation: Write down how many subscriptions they have (this info is usually on the masthead and shows how many people your article will reach)
Target Age: the age of the readers whether adults or kids
Features: List specific features you’re interested in writing for this particular magazine such as recipes or puzzles or main articles
Terms: The rights they purchase
Payment: How much they pay
Notes: Anything else you want to remember at a quick glance


  1. Great tool, Nancy! Thanks for sharing.

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