Posted by: nancyisanders | July 11, 2012

Celebrate Picture Books…Yes! Dreams Still Can Come True!

I know we hear everywhere that this is a tough, tough picture book market.

Well, I want to encourage you all today to still pursue your dream of writing picture books, even in this dry market today.

Wanna read a funtastic inspirational story that just happened for realsies and that could actually factually happen to you, too?

Hop on over to agent Jill Corcoran’s blog to hear what just happened at an SCBWI conference in Miami!


  1. Great!

    But Can I share my bit of exitment? My experience about dreams that comme true? And the reason I am going to apply Nancy’s way of working on a project?

    First I must explain that I have been really very sick and lost alot of my brain… but I have always written a bit, exercising my brain.
    After 21 month I am getting better very slowly and I can type with two index!
    And my brain is getting better too.(but I also stopped the pain killers to get some brain back… I prefer pain and a brain then no pain and no brain!!!!)

    I wanted to go on having picture books published but I couldn’t face the work it gives, so I took an agent. Up to now, no positive result (agents are not common in France)

    A year ago I sent something I wrote in 2009 (and that had not found a publisher) to a young illustrator. I thought she could help me to make my words more interesting. (it was an unusual way of saying things).

    She illustrated 3 double pages of the project and we sent it out for submissons…

    We got severall encouraging answers, and one big yes.
    I say one big yes, because the editor asked me if we could do a collection.(a serie?) So It won’t be one book but three, and later on perhaps 3 more.

    Firts time this ever happenned to me, and for the illustrator, it is her first picture books!

    As I was talking to the editor on the phone she asked me if I would write books on the theme of history. I laughed out loud… me! history? with a limping brain???????

    But she came back to me about it, convinced I could do the job.
    I said I would have a try. And I believe it is going to be alot of fun!
    And all what Nancy shared ( last year or I suppose two years ago?) is coming back to me very conviniently… (sorry if I don’t express mysemf too well in english!)
    Thank you Nancy!!!

    • Nicole, I am so inspired by what you shared today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your heart with us to encourage each one of us along our personal life’s journey as well as our journey as a writer. Big hugs to you and I pray that you will continue to be blessed in your writing. I also pray God continues to touch you with His healing power. Hugs, Nancy

  2. oups! You make me blush!
    Thank you very much!

    (My firts experience with a work that has been ordered!!! I have 20 sequences to do, and alot alot of research for 20 double pages!)

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