Posted by: nancyisanders | September 13, 2012

Finding an Agent

Thanks, Nicole, for sharing your hope of acquiring an agent.

I’ve actually had three agents over my career. Plus I’ve got lots of writing friends who have agents and some of these agents are the top in the industry.

So I’ve got some tips up my sleeve about how to acquire an agent.

Now, here’s my question for you Nicole and anyone else reading this blog. How would you like to LEARN more about getting an agent?

Method A
Would you like me to present some of the information here on my blog?

Method B
Would you like to schedule a one hour online workshop through with me as I teach you steps you can take to acquire an agent? This costs about $25 per person and it includes question/answer time. People can join in from all over the world. We can have up to 100 people I think, but I’d probably limit it to a small group. You can see me for one hour as I talk with you and you can type questions into the chat field so I can answer them, too.

Let me know! Having an agent is essential if you really want to get published in the big publishing houses.


  1. Oh ! A special answer ! Thank you !
    An online meeting… ???
    I don’t think it is something I can face regarding my sickness.
    I have problems with my head… concentration, finding words, thinking, tiredness, even exhaustion (I can only work a little bit every day, via the computer cause I can’t write with my hand… I am getting better but not even at the pace of a snail !)
    and as english isn’t my everyday language… it makes things even harder.
    But perhaps other people would be glad to take part !
    ( I can’t even say in a year… ??????? sorry )

    • Oh Nicole, I totally understand! And Ev, thanks for letting me know your preferences, too. I’ll be happy to share info here on the blog over the next few weeks or so. And in case anyone wants a 1-hour online workshop, just let me know and I’ll arrange that for you, too!

  2. Thank you, Nancy, for asking for our preferences. Since I’m not sure I even want an agent, I’d prefer your Method A option. But I certainly would understand if you’d prefer to go with Method B. As always–thank you!

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