Posted by: nancyisanders | October 3, 2012

More on How an Agent Works

If an agent acquires a manuscript of yours to represent, then the agent usually prepares a cover letter to go with the manuscript. Sometimes the agent does this on her own and sometimes she asks for input from the author.

Every single agent will work slightly differently based on their own personality and work habits.

Once they prepare a cover letter, the agent then sends out the manuscript with its cover letter to a list of editors/publishers. Usually e-mail.

Then the waiting game begins.
If they never hear back from an editor, it means it’s been rejected. (Yes, this is how publishers are treating agents, too.)
Some of the editors are courteous enough to e-mail a rejection.

In my next post I’ll share what happens when an editor expresses interest to an agent.


  1. Thanks for all the nitty-gritty details, Nancy!

  2. Thank you for all these agent posts, Nancy. Very interesting and helpful!

    • Hopefully this info will help take the next step in your writing!

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