Posted by: nancyisanders | October 12, 2012

Steps I Took to Find an Agent, Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, there came a time when I wanted an agent to just represent one or two of my picture book manuscripts. This time around I didn’t want someone to rep my entire career. And I wanted someone in New York, but I wanted someone who still had a hand in the Christian market as well.

So I went back to the same way I landed an agent the first time. I went through the Writer’s Market and called the first place. No. So I called the second agency that interested me. No again. I called and called agencies listed in the Market Guide as having headquarters in the New York City area and asked them basically 2 questions: Are you open to just representing one or two picture books, not someone’s career? And do you rep books in the Christian market? Everyone I called said, “No” to either one question or the other…so it took me a bit of calling.

Finally, I called an agency who answered Yes. But her answer was a conditional yes. She said she only represented books for adults and had never represented a children’s author. But she said she was willing to take a gamble to see if our relationship would work if I was. I was! She was a delightful gal to work with, but after a year she wasn’t able to sell my picture books so we mutually agreed to cancel our contract.

Once again, I worked for a number of years without an agent again, just marketing my stuff to smaller houses.


  1. so I believe I should cancel my agent ? It’s been a year and nothing came my way… I found severall contracts without her as she doesn”t represent my career… But what’s the point canceling? To get back your book projects?
    I took one P book back from her, looked for an illustrator who prempared 3 double pages of the picture book, found a better tittle and in no time found a publisher. (who told me she didin’t want to go through an agent ! In france, agents are rare and seem to scare publishers !)
    Having an english agent would be for three to four P books. reading about your experience shows it is possible !

    • No, I don’t recommend canceling your agent, Nicole. I ended the contract with this one because she wasn’t really a children’s agent anyhow. We were just “testing the waters” and trying it out to see if it would work or not. Especially in this tough world of the picture book market, its hard for agents to land picture book contracts. If you’re happy with your agent, by all means, keep her!

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