Posted by: nancyisanders | October 29, 2012

Steps to Find an Agent, Part 3

Here are the basic steps I followed to look for my current agent:

Step One:
1. I made a realistic long-term goal. I gave myself 2 years to look for an agent. This allowed me to take the time I needed to really do a thorough job without getting too stressed about it.

Step 2
2. I determined which kind of agent I wanted. I wanted a picture book agent. In other words, I wanted an agent who would represent my picture books and send them to the big New York publishers who publish picture books.

So, decide which kind of agent you want…one to represent your entire career, one to represent all your children’s books but not books for adults, one to represent just a certain kind of book like picture books, or one to represent just one title at a time.

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