Posted by: nancyisanders | November 1, 2012

Steps to Find an Agent, Part 3 continued

Here are more steps I took in my search to find an agent for today’s market:

Step 3
3. I searched for names of agents who were the kind I wanted to look for. In other words, I looked for agents who represent picture books. Now, I knew what I was up against. The picture book is the hardest book to get published in the writing industry. This is because it is the most expensive book to produce, the most expensive to sell, and the hardest to sell in this economy. Plus there are already plenty of hugely famous picture book authors out there. I knew it would be a very tough journey but I was willing to stick it out over the next 2 years.

While I was looking for picture book agents and making this list, I put it up on my blog to help others looking for a picture book agent, too, so you can access that list there today, even tho some of the info might be outdated or there might be new picture book agents today.

So go ahead and make a list of agents who fit the category you are looking for. Give yourself time to build this list. I worked on it in my spare time such as in the evenings when I was relaxing on the couch and wanted to search around on the Internet or read through various guides.

TIP: Here’s a tip. If you want to have people visit your blog, create a page listing all the agents you’re looking for, with links to their websites. You can go ahead and include my link for picture book agents on your site. And send me your link to your site and I’ll put it here on my site, too, for the kind of agents you’re looking at. I get a number of hits on my blog from people who are looking for agents. People love to visit blogs who have helpful and handy lists of stuff like this! So if you can add a helpful list to your blog, it will draw visitors all on its own.

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