Posted by: nancyisanders | November 5, 2012

Lists of Potential Agents

Places to look for names of potential agents include:

Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents, put out each year and last year’s edition usually available at your library

On brochures for writer’s conferences where agents will be speaking. These are a great listing as well. Check out SCBWI’s website where they have the national and New York conference brochures available for download and see which agents are appearing and what their bios say which usually includes their preferences.

Get on the mailing list for the big SCBWI conference mailings. You’ll get brochures for their conference in LA and NYC. Read through these brochures they send you and study the names of the agents who will be speaking. These agents are looking for new clients, otherwise they wouldn’t be attending these conferences.

You can search the Internet for agents. Google the word “agent” as well as the market you’re looking for such as “Picture books.”

Find books like what you want to write, then google that author’s agent and see if you can find who landed the contract for that author’s book.

I also attended various conferences and sat in on all the classes every single agent taught and also attended the sessions where they had groups of agents talking. Agents, not publishers, were my focus at these conferences.

By giving yourself time to search for agents, it helps take the frenzy and the pressure off so you can enjoy this season in your life. Try to look at this like an adventure rather as a chore and you’ll enjoy the journey so much more!


  1. Solid tips Nancy. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Cathy! Glad you find this info helpful. :o)

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