Posted by: nancyisanders | December 7, 2012

Working Writers Club

Yes! Beginning Readers

Exciting news! My newest book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Beginning Readers and Chapter Books is featured in the spotlight at the Working Writers Club!

Check out all the wonderful resources you can find at the Working Writers Club. I’ve been a member of it and its other clubs for a number of years now. I’m always amazed at all the help it has to offer writers at every level and in every genre. The writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance is soooo helpful and has opportunities galore to help you move forward in your writing career.

And guess what? Right now membership is free!!! What a great Christmas gift you can give to yourself and your writing friends this year. So sign up and tell all your writer friends to sign up too!


  1. Yay, Nancy! Congratulations!!! Heyyyy! How did you make it snow on here? That’s awesome!

    • Thanks, Val!!! And isn’t the snow great?! If you go on your blog at WordPress, Go to Dashboard, Go to Settings, and at the bottom is a little box to check if you want it to snow on your blog until Jan 4. Fun, huh?

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