Posted by: nancyisanders | December 10, 2012

Beginning Readers Cover Photo

Yes! Beginning Readers

I was taking some photographs of my newest books so I could use them here on my blog and other places. So I just had to share about it with you! For starters, look at the cover of my book in the photo above. Yes, that’s my cat Pitterpat. When I was taking some photos of a quilt I made to use as the cover of my book, she decided to come join in the fun and posed up in the top left corner!


See my two new books in the photo above? Look closer. See Pitterpat at the top left? She always loves it when I get my camera out and she just had to check out these books, too. She especially wanted to see her photo on the cover of my new book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Beginning Readers and Chapter Books.


And then my other cat, Sandman, just had to come join in the fun. He wanted to see my two new books, too! That’s Sandman sitting in the right of the photo above.


And hey! The photo above shows how Sandman is admiring Pitterpat’s photo on the cover of my book. So he decided he wanted to pose for a nice photograph, too. So here, in the photograph below is a picture of Sandman posing with my books.


As you can guess, I love cats. In fact both Pitterpat and Sandman are my writing buddies. If I’m sitting on our couch typing away on my laptop, they’re both sleeping right next to me, usually one on my legs and one snuggled under my arm so they’re looking at the computer. And if I’m at my desk working on my computer, Sandman jumps up to the highest bookcase next to my desk and supervises my writing from there while Pitterpat usually sleeps on my lap.

And if you didn’t yet know, Pitterpat and Sandman are writers, too! In fact, they have their own website that features other writing buddies I’ve had over the years along with lots of fun tips and resources you can print out and use. Check out their website, Writing According to Humphrey and Friends.


  1. Anna enjoyed seeing your cats. She said, “They grew fast. Animals grow faster than humans!” And she said I should read your new book. She wants me to write a chapter book. 🙂

    • Yes, Anna’s right! Cats grow fast. And that’s a fun idea to write a chapter book!

  2. Aww, haha, your kitties are growing! Glad to see them showing up on Humphrey’s site. I’m sure he’s happy to share.

    • Yes, aren’t they fun to see growing up?!

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