Posted by: nancyisanders | March 19, 2013

Welcome to My World

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I hope you had fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

My newest book, Challenge on the Hill of Fire, is a great book to read with kids to celebrate this fun holiday. And if you have a second grader or older, they can read it all by themselves!

The journey to publication has been a lot of fun. And now the publicity and marketing is buzzing along.

Pioneer Woman just reviewed it on their awesome site.

Here’s what my marketing guy posted in an e-mail he circulated around the publishing house about Pioneer Woman:

Forbes named Pioneer Woman website one of the top 10 Lifestyle Websites for Women and top 10 Parenting and Homemaking sites for Women of 2012.

They got over 1000 comments posted on their site in response to my book review. Talk about amazing exposure for the book!!!!!

I’m telling you all this, not to boast, but to share this great marketing opportunity for great exposure. If you have a published children’s book, contact Heather Sanders, the gal who does these reviews, to see if she might be interested in reviewing your book on her site. (Or ask your publisher to contact her.) She’s super nice and super sweet and great to work with…and literally TONS of women and homeschooling moms read that site.

Check it out and best wishes with your book, too!

(Oh, and if you want to hear an interview on my book, you can listen to this podcast at the Adventures in Odyssey site!)


  1. Congratulations, Nancy on this book! I want to order it for Isaac. I’m checking out the Pioneer Woman web site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Tina!!! Hope Isaac enjoys reading it. :o)

  2. Nice review of your book Nancy! You are a very talented (and busy) writer!

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I listened to your interview and you inspire me! And congratulations too! đŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Tracy. Glad you’re inspired!!!!

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