Posted by: nancyisanders | March 26, 2013


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that we were holding a discussion on plot for several weeks.

I had planned on continuing that discussion again, but decided to postpone it for a little bit.


Because here in sunny Southern California, spring has sprung! The leaves are coming out on my birch trees. Brilliant red leaves are bursting forth on my little Japanese Maple tree. Great big bumbledy bees are buzzing with delight among my purple sweet peas. Seedlings are sprouting and the mockingbirds are building their nests.

I know that spring hasn’t arrived everywhere yet, however. That’s because my favorite winter visitor, the yellow-rumped warbler, is still hopping around in my yard looking for bugs. Chilly nights tell him it’s still too early to fly away north to Canada where he spends his summer days.

Right now I’m under some pretty intense book deadlines. But every break I can take to give my eyes and wrists and back and brain a short break, you can guess where you’ll find me…outside in my garden.

So I wanted to take a few upcoming posts to share some joys and some thoughts about writing and gardening and seasons.

For starters…I know it’s spring here but not for other writers who are e-mailing to say it’s snowing in their corner of the world.

Seasons are different for each of us depending on where we’re at.

And it’s like that as writers, too. We don’t all go through the same seasons at the same time.

So hey…wanna share what the season’s like at your house? Is it snowing and wintry…or is it starting to look like spring?

And what kind of season are you going through as a writer right now? I’d love to hear!


  1. You’ll have to share a photo of your garden! No flowers here yet. In my writing I’m in a busy season, not sure which one. Also working toward a June deadline for my new book with Legacy.

    • Yes, I’m going to take a photo of my garden to share…just figuring out how to do all the photo stuff on my new computer (our old one died).

      And how great that you’re in a busy season!!! Wahoo for you!!!

  2. The snow is melting here on the north eastern side of Michigan. The daffodils and tulips are just peeking out of the ground looking for sunshine. So am I. I am still new at to the writing field. I am almost through with the ICL course. I have sent stories out and waiting for replies.

    • Mary, I love how you are relating to the change of season as a writer. It sounds like spring…a time of new beginnings for you!!! How exciting!!!!

  3. Definition: Indian Summer is a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn, not long before winter.

    I feel as if I’m in the Indian Summer of my writing. Thought I’ve written off and on in various capacities throughout my life, I’ve just started to write professionally in the autumn of my life. I’m having a burst of summer and I’m enjoying it all!

    • Audrey, what a beautiful picture you painted with words of the season you’re in. How precious! Thanks for sharing.

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