Posted by: nancyisanders | March 29, 2013

Trees in Winter

I live in southern CA. We have a small backyard. But in our yard, we have two different types of trees: deciduous and evergreen. We have 2 birch trees and 2 Japanese maples. We have a Blue Spruce pine tree in a big pot. And several tall palm trees are in our neighbor’s yard next door but we get to enjoy them because they stand right next to our wall.

Even though our winters are mild, these two types of trees react differently to winter. At the first sign of winter, the deciduous trees drop their leaves. They lie dormant. They shut down.

The evergreen trees, however, just keep on keeping on. Yes it’s cold. Yes it’s winter. Yes everything around them seems dead and empty. But they persevere.

What kind of writer are you when you hit a winter season? Are you like a deciduous tree? If you get rejections and nobody seems interested in your manuscripts, do you shut down? Do you give up on writing for awhile and just wait until next year’s conference rolls around to motivate you to write again?

Or are you evergreen? Do you keep writing, keep learning new writing skills, keep pumping out manuscripts and sending out queries? Do you keep on keeping on until springtime comes again?

Even if you’ve been like a deciduous tree in winter, don’t despair! In my next post I’ll show you some ways you can be like an evergreen.


  1. Love this Nancy. I’m going to invest in a dogwood tree and tend it until it bursts into BLOOM! : – )

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I loved the analogy. Is there a tree in between?
    Have a blessed Good Friday and a Happy Easter Sunday. šŸ™‚

    • What a fun question…how about my honeysuckle bush? It doesn’t quite ever lose all its leaves but sometimes it blooms less than others. And happy Easter to you, too. This is my favorite holiday of the year!!!!

      • Ha ha, a honeysuckle bush. Well, that’s exactly what I am.
        This is my favorite holiday as well. šŸ™‚

  3. I am not an evergreen. I am the one who loses his leaves but I go dormant only in appearance. I am hiding myself under a disguise. Everybody think I am going to sleep in a cavern like a bear but I am there, observing, writing, noting, photographying… I am an undercover writer, shrouded in mystery like the naked tree in the morning deep and dense fog. What will come out from this fog, you ask… a dragon, few fairies, a monster… what? Worst than that! From the thick winter fog will emerge… a book!

    Have a wonderful weekend šŸ™‚

    • Oh what a wonderful expression of seasons! Thanks for sharing.

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