Posted by: nancyisanders | April 12, 2013

Characters are Like Flowers


I just talked with my sister who’s visiting her son in Montana. They were driving into a severe snowstorm with 6-12 inches of snow.

But here in my garden in southern CA, flowers are blooming everywhere. Spring has officially arrived!

There are calla lilies in the shade of the birch trees. Tall. Majestic. Regal. They speak of Easter and the risen Lord in hushed and reverent tones.

There are flowers that look like daisies. They love the full sun. When shade hits them, they close their petals up. Tight. But in the bright noonday sun, their vibrant yellows and deep oranges shine for all to see. It’s like they’re singing happy songs.

Bright orange poppies wave in the gentle breeze. Footloose and carefree, they popped up in unexpected places. Next year, I know I’ll find them blooming in different spots altogether.

A profuse mound of purple petunias brighten the little path that meanders through my garden. But something is eating their blossoms. Snails? The grasshopper I saw? I don’t know, but one by one, big chunks are being enjoyed for breakfast by somebody. Soon they’ll be gone.

Pink begonias have woken up from being dormant all winter and are blooming under the apricot tree. What were they thinking all those silent months? What are they thinking now?

Did you know the characters we write about in our stories are a lot like flowers? Each one of our characters has his or her own distinctive personality. Each one of them speaks in their own unique voice.

Think about a story you’re working on right now. If you had to pick a different flower for each one, which flower would your main character be? (Like the roses along our wall? Or the perky pansies lining the garden path?)

Which flower would the bad guy/gal be? (Like the dandelion in our lawn? Or the Australian lilac…sweet but quietly invading the other flowers’ territory?)


  1. I love this comparison among your flowers! Very fun!

    • Thanks, Tina! It’s kind of fun to think of characters like this. :o)

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