Posted by: nancyisanders | May 2, 2013

Transplanting Flowers, Transplanting Sentences


I have calla lilies blooming in my backyard next to my small garden path that meanders between two birch trees and a Japanese Maple.

The calla lilies used to bloom in my front yard!

But last year I decided to transplant them from the front to the back. I thought they’d do better in the shade of the birch trees than in the spot they first were in.

I transplant things all the time in my garden as I redesign it from time to time. It’s just a fun part of gardening. Perhaps something isn’t growing as well as it should in one spot, so I dig it up and move it to another.

It’s the same with manuscripts.

When you write a sentence or a paragraph or even a chapter, don’t be afraid to move it to a better place as you’re going through and editing your manuscript. Learn to cut and chop and rearrange until information flows better or characters develop better or the plot moves forward better.


  1. Thanks Nancy…I just did some cutting and chopping and replanting on a short story that I wrote, and it is so much better! Now, I have to find another market to submit it to. Also, I appreciate the worksheets you offer on your site!

    • Good for you, Audrey!!! And glad you like the worksheets.

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