Posted by: nancyisanders | June 13, 2013

Write a MG Novel in One Month Workshop



Another thing I wanted to let you know about the workshop of mine that you can purchase is this:

Boy, am I glad I tried to write my novel all in one month.

And boy, am I glad I developed this workshop to write a novel in just one month.


Because as I’m getting ready to start my third children’s novel under contract (there are 15 chapters and 10,000 words in these books) I’m getting ready to…guess what?

Yep. Write it in just one month!

Because it turns out that this seems to be a very common schedule publishers work with on this type of book.

10,000 words in one month.

I had never done this until I worked my way through this 4-session workshop.

But now I do it all the time.

And if you want to learn how to write these puppies and write them on a schedule that some publishers seem to follow in this industry, go for the gold! And write your children’s novel in just one month, too.

And then write your next.

And your next.

You just may discover you like it.

And who knows where it will go from there!


  1. Nancy, Is this an actual workshop or more like a home study course?


    • Hi Doraine! Not sure what you mean by the difference…here’s a little bit more about this.

      There are 4 audio sessions. Plus over 25 handouts based on brainstorming worksheets and plotting charts I actually use when I write the first chapter books/novels I’m now under contract to write. These are based on the class I taught in my house once a week for 4 weeks as we all worked together to write our own MG novel. As you’re listening to the audio, I frequently will tell you to press “pause” and fill out one of the handouts so that you can develop your setting, plot subplots, or brainstorm ideas to flesh out your characters.

      In each session, we plan/plot/brainstorm for the next 5 chapters. Then I finish the session by instructing you to write those 5 chapters we just developed. I recommend writing 1 chapter each day, M-F so that by the end of 1 month you’ve got 20 chapters. That’s the pace I have to maintain for my chapter books that are under contract, too, so it’s good to try to do it as you’re working through these lessons. But if you need more time, you can take it because these are self-paced.

      Then, after you’ve written those 5 chapters, you listen to the next audio session and do the handouts/worksheets that go with it…until you’ve gone through all 4 audio sessions, filled out all the handouts, and written all 20 chapters of your children’s novel.

      Does that make sense? Do you have any more questions about that?

  2. Thanks for the detailed description, Nancy. The presence of the audio lessons makes this much more appealing than just a workbook type structure. Although, I’d pay several times more than your price for an online workshop with you!

    • Doraine, that is so sweet of you to say that!!! I hope you enjoy this course tremendously!!!!

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