Posted by: nancyisanders | June 14, 2013

Summer Writing Opportunity


Summer days are here. The mockingbirds have a nest in our apricot tree. Our Oriental poppy is blooming with each brilliant orange blossom measuring a stunning 4-6-inches across!

I know many of you are always looking for a new writing project. Here’s a great summer writing opportunity!

It’s one I just heard about.

It’s for writing an article for the The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

This is a great magazine, especially for homeschooling families. It’s got quite an amazing reputation, too, as one of the best!

You may wonder why I’d suggest YOU write for this magazine.
It’s because if you write children’s books, this is a FANTASTIC opportunity to market your books and build name recognition in the homeschooling market because this magazine is a mega-site/product that many many homeschooling families read and trust. You can write an article on your book’s topic and talk about how homeschoolers can dig into this topic and then include your book’s title and a link to your webpage in the byline with your name at the end.

Plus: they’ll pay $40 for an article in their magazine.

It’s like getting the word out about your book to a huge number of potential buyers, plus getting paid a little bit for your time. (It’s better than spending your morning at a local book signing!)

For more information about what they’re looking for, check out this link:

Writer’s Guidelines

And if you have a children’s book that might be of interest to homeschooling families, they also post book reviews! Here’s the link to their contact form:

Book Review Contact Form

Check this out this summer! You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Thanks for the lead, Nancy. 🙂
    Love the poppy!

  2. Thanks for the information. I checked out your site and theirs. I will check out their information in depth later. It looks like a promising lead.

    • You’re welcome, Marge and Tracy. I hope it makes a good connection for you!

  3. I am working on an article for TOS today! I’d also like to write for the sister magazine Molly Green

    • Good for your, Karen!!!!! I hope they accept both!

  4. Thanks Nancy. I had looked them up before, but hadn’t gone back. After I take care of a few things, I’m going to take a good look and see what I can come up with. I may check out that Molly Green, too thanks to Karen.

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