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Author Interview: Brock Eastman

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Meet Author Brock Eastman!
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Brock Eastman: Author, Daddy, and Imagination Explorer!
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Brock Eastman lives in Colorado. Inspiration comes on his morning drives to work with America’s Mountain in view. He lives there with his wife, three kids, and two cats. Growing up in the Midwest, Brock enjoys autumn most and misses the chilly sweatshirt morning air and colorful leaves. Brock is the author of The Quest for Truth and Sages of Darkness series and writes for The Imagination Station series. You may have seen him on the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast and Social Shoutout, informing Adventures in Odyssey fans about the latest news. He works at Focus on the Family as the Odyssey Adventure Club producer. He enjoys getting letters and artwork from fans.

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Featured Book: Unleash
Book 3 in the Quest for Truth series

Claws raised, mouth open, it was coming for her!

Game on! The Wikk kids must unleash fresh courage in the face of new adventures! Working as a team, they face their greatest dangers yet: lies, betrayal, a frozen planet, and fierce lizards that want to eat them all! Facing their fears and searching for answers, Oliver and Tiffany slip into a high-security laboratory while Mason, Austin, and Obbin battle Corsair pirates and make a shocking discovery! Will they be able to unlock the truth about Creator and take the next step? Will you?

Q: What exciting news do you have to share with us today, Brock?
We’re having a big promotion this week for my Quest for Truth series.

Book 1 in the series, Taken, is $0.99 on Kindle.

And Book 3 in the series, Unleash, releases for the first time ever on Kindle!

For more information on the first three books in this series, click on these links:

Book 1: Taken

Book 2: Risk

Book 3: Here’s an awesome Youtube video with Brock on his third book in this series and what he hopes to bring to his readers.

Q: What inspires you most as a writer?
Inspiration is all around us. God created an immersive world with sound, sight, touch, smell, taste and so much more. I really love listening to soundtracks while I write and often will click through pictures of beautiful places like islands, castles, jungles, bridges, and even mysterious narrow paths. I find that a good cup of coffee or apple cider also inspire me; how though I can’t say exactly? Those are few examples of sound, sight, and even taste. I was inspired to write The Quest for Truth after a conversation about clean entertainment for kids really got me rolling. I wanted to create a series that was safe for kids but had all the adventure and excitement as most YA series. I hope you’ll find I accomplished that with Taken, Risk, and Unleash.

Q: Describe part of the research process it took to write this book.
Though this is a work of fiction, I actually did have quite a bit of research. I use a lot of science fiction terms, but all things are based on a reality. So keeping up to speed on technology and space exploration terms is essential. Reading scientific articles and understanding key terms is important to building a believable world.

Q: Where do you get most of your ideas?
Ideas are all around us. I read books and news articles. I find that news articles give us a snippet of a story, but then my mind gets whirling and I want to know the ‘fictitious’ background story behind all of it. A lot of time I get ideas while taking hot showers, I can’t quite explain it. But something opens my mind and I am in solitude. I think God speaks to me or gives me ideas during that time.

Q: Please share one word of advice you’d like say to encourage other aspiring writers for the middle grade or young adult market.
If you’re still in school, PAY ATTENTION! I was not a good English or Literature student and I wish I could get all that time back and pay attention. Of course the path God has placed me on is pretty awesome, so I suppose I wouldn’t change anything. I recommend seeking God’s plan for you, finding Him and letting Him lead you. That is what I’ve done, though sometimes not as willingly as I should have.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Brock. Your series sounds exciting, just the kind of books most kids would really enjoy. Blessings.

    • Evelyn please let me know what you think about the series if you get to read it. I do hope kids enjoy it!

  2. Thanks, Brock, for all this great information and for visiting my blog today! Blessings on the success of your books. My husband and I love them!

    • Thanks Nancy for having me. It was such a blessing meeting you and I am looking forward to the next Imagination Station books you are working on.

  3. Thanks Nancy and Brock for rocking the AIO and young reader audiences with exciting, lesson-filled, fun entertainment!

    • God has blessed us with some awesome opportunities, it’s all in His plans.

  4. We love this series & are anxiously awaiting book #3. My 12 year old asked about it earlier today. I told her she could get it on the Kindle, but she said she wanted to hold the book!

    I really like your idea about newspaper articles, I think I will use that with my kids for creative writing.

    • Lisa thanks. I hope she loves it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it either. I save pdf after pdf of online news articles for my archive.

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