Posted by: nancyisanders | June 29, 2013

Hobby or Career?

dragonfly HPIM7275

I was working on my current manuscript and got up from my desk to go grab a research book from the other room. I walked past my window, and just outside I saw this gorgeous orange dragonfly in my little flower garden, enjoying a tasty brunch.

Since dragonflies are rare and seldom seen here in our yard, I decided to drop everything and grab my camera. I’m glad I did. He was very happy to pose for me and I got right up to him and snapped a dozen or so gorgeous pictures. Isn’t he a beauty? He was sitting on a succulent that was blooming in my little birdbath turned succulent garden.

I like to garden, as you may have guessed by now. Since we live in a suburb of Los Angeles, we just have a little yard but I like to plant flowers and grow seedlings and walk along my little stone pathway through the trees.

Gardening, for me, is a hobby. I enjoy going to the plant nursery now and then and purchasing a new variety of flower or plant to see if I like it or how it grows in my soil. I like to read through the gardening books I purchase occasionally from the thrift store, and learn about how to tend different plants here in this near-desert heat we live in.

I never plan to make gardening a career. I don’t ever want to work at a plant nursery or sell seedlings I grow to people in my neighborhood. It’s not even a SERIOUS hobby in that I don’t ever go the next level or do stuff like fertilize regularly or have a compost heap or install drip irrigation systems to better water my plants more effectively. It’s just a nice little hobby I do when I feel like it.

Writing, however, is a different story. It’s my career. I treat it differently than a hobby.

How about you? Is writing a hobby for you? Do you like to try out different types of genres as you feel like it? And if it’s a hobby, is it a casual hobby or a SERIOUS hobby where you’re really dedicated to learning all you can about it?

Or is writing your career? (Or do you want to make it your career?)

And if you’ve already made it your career, are you just starting out or earning a substantial income each year?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions…whatever works for you is what’s best!

It’s just good to identify your commitment to writing because it will help you be more motivated to set goals to maintain your level of commitment to writing. This will help bring satisfaction to you personally.


  1. Gorgeous photo, Nancy! You should enter that in a contest! In late summer, thousands of dragonflies swirl in S.Korea. And on topic of your post, I do treat my writing as a career.

    • Oh my that must be beautiful to see all those dragonflies, Tina! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying writing as a career…way to go!

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