Posted by: nancyisanders | July 17, 2013

My Next Big Thing

My Next Big Thing is a global blog tour, started in Australia, to showcase authors and illustrators and their current work. I was tagged by the author of Independence Day from A to Z, Catherine L. Osornio. Hop on over to her blog and learn the story behind the story about her amazing book!

I get to be part of the tour for the next two weeks, and then I’ll pass the blog along to two more cyberspace writer friends, Terri Forehand and Carolyn Ellenberger, who will pick up the tour on August 1. I’ll send you the links to their blogs on that day.

Here we goooooo! Let’s talk about my next big thing!

Q: What book projects have you been working on?
Since March, I’ve been consumed by one of the most interesting writing projects I’ve ever done. It’s a multiple-book series for the Christian market.

I feel like I’ve been traveling back through time in a time machine to explore various aspects of Christianity…and then I have to zoom forward to the 21st Century to write it in such a way that will appeal to today’s kids. All this zooming around has been a lot of fun.

Q: When will these books come out?
Not sure about the publication dates yet…but after four intense months of writing, the books are finally written. Soon they’ll enter the editorial stage and then the production stage when they’re getting ready to send to the printers.

I’ll keep you all posted on titles and publication dates and covers as those final decisions come down to me through the editorial pipeline.

Q: In what genre do these books fall?
Nonfiction! So for the last four months, I set up a folding table as my research center. I piled all my research books on the table in stacks according to their topic. Keeping these all in one handy spot really helped me save time during the research process. Here’s a picture with my cat Sandman hanging out with me!



  1. How exciting this sounds, Nancy! Congratulations on your contracts and on breaking in to a new area of writing. I always respect your bravery and willingness to venture into new-for-you projects.

  2. This is all so exciting, Nancy! Looking forward to the finished product! Congratulations on finishing this major project!!!

    • Thanks Val and Ev! Your kudos are always so encouraging!!!!

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