Posted by: nancyisanders | July 22, 2013

My Next Big Thing


Thanks for joining me back here at My Next Big Thing, a global blog tour that has been started to showcase authors and illustrators and their works-in-progress. Here’s another batch of Q and A about my current project, writing a multi-book nonfiction children’s series for the Christian market. My cat, Pitterpat, liked to hang out with me in my office as I was typing these books on my laptop, so I thought I’d snap this photo of my other writing buddy to show you.

Q: What steps did you take to help you reach the goal of writing these nonfiction books for the Christian market?
I knew from talking with my editor that writing these books was going to be like racing down the racetrack in the Indy 500. They wanted these books and they wanted them fast.

So I printed out a blank calendar for the next four months. I started by writing down my writing schedule each day and which sections I needed to write on each day.

This helped me stay focused and also helped me maintain a workable pace. Sometimes I got ahead of schedule and sometimes I got behind. The worst was when I got sick with a nasty cold for a week and didn’t do a THING.

In the end, I used a lot of white-out on my calendar to adjust my schedule as I needed to, but having it all written down like that really motivated me and helped me get the project done on time.

Q: Can you tell us many more details about this project?
Not really. When a book is at this stage, especially with a big publisher, there needs to be a measure of confidentiality. I have to wait for the publisher to give me the go-ahead to lift the confidentiality curtain.

Then it will be full steam ahead as I work with my publisher to market, promote, and get the word out about these books! I can hardly wait to tell you all about them!!!!


  1. Hi Nancy,

    I always like the good old fashioned paper calendar myself. Looking forward to reading more about your updates and beyond!

    Warmest regards,

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