Posted by: nancyisanders | August 19, 2013

Highlights: Sample Issues


I’ve been busy gathering Highlights magazines to read. My search has turned up 5 issues from years past that I now own. Plus, I went to our local library and borrowed three current issues from this last year. How’s your search for sample issues coming along?

I just have to share some fun news, too. When I went to the library this time, I discovered that for five dollars each year, yes just five dollars, I can become a CHAMPION library member! When I learned of the benefits, I dug in my wallet and handed over a fiver before you could blink your eyes. Here’s what I can now do as a CHAMPION library patron:

1) Borrow up to 100 books at a time. Wow! Before, the limit was 30, so I was always borrowing my sons’ cards when they were little. When they moved out, I started borrowing my husband’s card, too, but that only gave me 60 books at a time and when I’m in the middle of intense research, especially for my nonfiction books, that just never seemed to be enough.

2) Reserve up to 50 books at a time to order in from other libraries. Double wow!!!! I like to do a lot of my search for research books online at home. First I check Amazon to find books that will help me in my research projects. Then I click on over to my library’s site and order them in from other libraries in our system to be delivered to my local library for pick-up. I was always hitting my max, it seemed, and it was sooooo frustrating. No more! Now that I’m a CHAMPION card-holder, I can reserve up to 50 at a time. Woo hoo!!!

3) I also signed up for e-mail alerts that my library books are due 2 days before the due date. This is REALLY awesome!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I support the library through paying late fees. (And how many times my husband has gone to the library to check out books but he gets a big notice that he’s not allowed to use his card until he pays his late fees…ummmm…MY late fees that we forgot about because they were books I checked out on his card. He he. So he’s especially happy that I signed up for this service.

All in all, I felt like a CHAMPION as I left the library with my current issues of Highlights AND my Champion library card. I am ready for the next step of my journey for submitting to Highlights magazine.

So get those sample issues if you haven’t yet, and get ready for Step #4 in my next post!


  1. I wonder if you can do that in all libraries. I am in Riverside county. I would love to sign up!

    • Check into it, Gloria! And if you get a library card at the Riverside library, you can use it at the UCR library, (University of California at Riverside) too! This is an amazing opportunity for research because most university libraries don’t let you check out books for free unless you’re a student there. I’ve gotten some amazing research books from the dusty forgotten shelves in the UCR library and then found some of them for $5 or under on Amazon to purchase.

      • Great to know about UCR library being available. Thanks!

  2. When I was in Iowa, I used my mom’s library which had UNLIMITED checkout on books! Happy researching!

    • Tina, that’s the best library ever!!!!! Wow!

  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for sharing about the library. For once, I can share something with you. I’ve been going to our local library’s children’s section for years. I asked the children’s librarian what they do with magazines once they are pulled. She said I could request them. So I did. I get called about once a year and I received pulled copies of Highlights, Jack and Jill, and Babybug.
    Hope you or someone else finds this useful. Also, I am enjoying the Highlights journey toward submitting. Thanks again for including all your followers. Chris

    • Chris, this is awesome info! Especially since when I went to look for Highlights, the library had already pulled all the last issues except three. What an amazing thing this will be to ask them if I can request them. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

      • I am so happy to be able to reciprocate for all the info you give to so many people!

  4. Nancy,
    Our library in New Bern only allows ten total but it is smaller than yours I am sure. I am a member of the Friends of the New Bern Library and get to help with their huge sale every year. One perk of that is I can take any of the throw-aways I want. Usually the throw-aways are history books. The first time I asked why they threw away history books and no one answered. I figured out it due to revisionism.
    I am in an online critique group and getting great encouragement on my book, “Slave to Slave Master” about a freedman who lived in our town. He was the richest man in our county in 1824 owning 3 plantations, about 30 homes and over 160 slaves. His wife and former owner were 2 of the founders of the First Presbyterian Church in town. His daughter, Catherine, became an evangelist and the story is being told from her point of view.
    Thanks for all of your help. I have recommended you and your blog to our group.
    Thanks for helping Margaret as she has a heavy burden caring for her parents.
    Enjoy that great CA weather. NC has had a wet spring and summer.
    Jan (Parys)

    • Jan, it was so nice to hear from you…and best wishes along your writing journey!!!!

      • Thank you.

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