Posted by: nancyisanders | August 21, 2013

Highlights: Read, Read, Read!


My husband Jeff is a teacher. Summer vacation will be over in one week and he’ll go back to work. So yesterday, we did lots of errands. We went to the dentist. We went to our son’s condo and waited for the plumber (our son is busy with college classes right now since his school started back up on Monday). We shopped for birthday presents, filled the car up with gas, and got groceries.

I knew it would be a day filled with blank spaces, so I put my copies of Highlights in my tote bag and planned to fill those empty moments by reading.

Read copies of Highlights from front to back for pleasure.

Just read. And keep reading.

As you can see, even my writing buddy Pitterpat, is busy right now reading issues of Highlights. She wants to write a nonfiction article, too!

Read for pleasure. In upcoming posts I’ll tell you how to read and study Highlights to dissect their nonfiction articles. But for now, just read as many issues as you can for pleasure. Especially current issues.

I haven’t read any issues of Highlights for awhile, so I read the issues from cover to cover. I wanted to familiarize myself with Highlights’ voice and target age and uniqueness as a magazine. I wanted to read it as if I were a child again, discovering the amazing sense of adventure and awesomeness in the pages inside. I wanted to read as if I were an adult reading it to my own child who hadn’t yet quite mastered reading enough yet to read it on his own.

So I read off and on all day.

And then something magical happened.

Jeff and I were sitting at home eating dinner after our long day of going here and there.

And suddenly I knew the exact topic I wanted to write about. It just popped into my head and I instantly knew it was the perfect topic for me to try to write a nonfiction article for Highlights.

So, which would you rather me do? Wave my magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust on you so you can choose your own topic to write about?

Or tell you in the next few posts the steps my brain took to actually land on a topic and the specific reasons why I know this is a good topic and a good fit?

We’ll take a poll. Magic wand and fairy dust? Or step-by-step instructions and practical tips? Post a comment and let me know your preference, lol. :o)

And after our poll is all over, be sure to come back here for the next few posts as I share the nitty gritty of what a brain goes through to choose a nonfiction topic to write about for Highlights…so you can train your brain to do this, too!


  1. Haha! Well being the kid at heart that I am, of course I want to choose fairy dust and a magic wand! But then I have to remember I’m a grown up, not a kid, so I guess I’ll have to choose the latter. Looking forward to your next post, it’s getting intriguing!!!

  2. Well, magic wand and fairy dust do sound easy! However, I guess it will be better in the long run if you give us the practical steps. Thanks, Nancy!

  3. No such things as fairy dust & magic wand so it’s to the hard work. I have so much about NC history I think I’ll share it. Now the hard part writing it.

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