Posted by: nancyisanders | August 22, 2013

Highlights: Digging Deeper


As many of you know, we’re taking a journey together to reach for the stars and fulfill our dream of writing for the awesome magazine, Highlights.

I’m sharing the real steps I take in real time so you can see how I’m really doing this.

One of the things I haven’t yet shared with you is that I belong to a list serve of nonfiction writers for children. (Many of you do, too.) And on that list serve, a number of awesome writers have been sharing their tips on how they’ve submitted nonfiction articles to Highlights and experienced success.

Here are some of the tips they’ve shared:
* Highlights purchases articles and stories but may not publish them for several years. But not always. Some manuscripts are published right away.
* Every fact needs to be verified
* Complete bibliography needs to be included with submission
* A professional in the field of your topic will need to validate the accuracy of your article and write a blurb stating this that you should include with your submission.
* Writing for Highlights can be a highlight of your career.
* Use primary sources as much as possible.
* Use current research sources rather than outdated ones if new info has been written about your topic.
* Include information about potential photographs available for use and what the cost would be, along with information about how to obtain rights for these.

If you’d like to read more of these helpful hints that others have shared, I recommend you join this list serve! You’ll be glad you did…it’s chock full of great info and many of the members are successful published children’s writers. To join this group, visit this link and click on the tab that says, “Join this Group.”

So, one of the steps I’ve been taking along this journey is this:

Study your target publisher.

I’m learning all I can about Highlights, so I recommend you do, too.

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