Posted by: nancyisanders | August 23, 2013

Highlights: Guest Post

As I’ve been studying my target magazine, Highlights, learning more about them has been helping me choose a topic to write about.

Rosi Hollinbeck posted on the NFforKids listserv about her success at getting published in Highlights. She graciously gave permission to include her testimony here on my blog today as a guest post.


Rosi 3

My non-fiction article, €œA Princess Who Can Tune an Engine, was published in
the March 2013 issue of Highlights. It is quite a process to have something
published by them.

Some hints I can give you are to have your sources be as
primary as possible. In other words, get hold of that newspaper article that was
quoted in a book, rather than using the book as your source.

Make sure your sources are as up-to-date as possible. If your subject is something or someone still being written about, use the latest good sources rather than something that was written a long time ago.

Check your facts, check your facts, check your facts! So important.

When you are all done with your article, find an expert to read it and put in writing that it is correct and factual. When I wrote the Princess article, I emailed an author in England who had written biographies of the royal family including a respected, recent biography. He read my article and asked where I had found a particular fact. I scanned in the pages from my source, emailed them to him, and he responded that it all looked good to him. I sent the whole string of emails along to Highlights. You can find a college professor who focuses on your subject and use that person as an expert or one of the authors of one of your sources or contact a relative of your subject if it is a person.

If you find good photos that might accompany your article, find out if they are available to be used and what the cost would be. Print copies of the photos and the information on how to obtain rights and include that with your article.


Thanks, Rosi, for all your helpful tips! And congratulations on your success with Highlights.

And hey everyone, you can visit Rosi’s blog, The Write Stuff. Hop on over and say “Hi!”


  1. I’m glad you found this helpful. I’m working on another article, so I’ll see if lightning can strike twice for me!

    • Best wishes on your next article, Rosi! And again, thanks so much for sharing your success story and tips with us.

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