Posted by: nancyisanders | September 5, 2013

Highlights: Submissions Guidelines


I finally finished reading through all the Highlights magazine issues I have (plus a few others I read while waiting at the dentist office). I was ready for the next step.

Find 1-5 key nonfiction articles I want my article to be like.
As I wrapped up this initial reading session, I got out my stickie notepad and went back and marked several of the nonfiction articles that I want to use as potential examples to study when I’m ready to figure out the format I plan to use to write my own article. I’m going to Xerox these and keep them in my “Sample NF Articles” file folder for handy reference.

Then I went to the next step.

I googled “Highlights Submission Guidelines” and found their guidelines for writers to submit manuscripts to them. I printed these out and made a new file folder labeled “Submission Guidelines” to keep this in. I added this file folder to my pocket folder. I’m going to study these soon to see if there’s any new info I need to know. I plan to follow these guidelines to a T.


  1. Wow, Nancy! This just goes to show that in order to be a good writer and also a good writing teacher you need to continually be a good writing student! Your diligence is a great inspiration to us all to ‘do the hard work’ and keep learning this craft. Thank you for sharing! (I love how Pitterpat is sitting on the footrest of your recliner, Sugar likes to do that too! Ha!)

    • I guess learning never stops. (And I’d love to see a picture of Sugar on your footrest…how cute!!!!!)

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