Posted by: nancyisanders | September 13, 2013

Upcoming Writer’s Workshop

Common Core State Standards is a topic that’s talked about daily in my house.

This may sound funny to hear, but with an elementary teacher (my husband Jeff) and a children’s writer (me) both living in the same home, the Common Core State Standards has been a lively topic for a couple of years.

It’s not just the two of us who do the talking, however. I’ve got publishers calling and e-mailing me who want to talk about the Common Core State Standards for a variety of different reasons. I’ve got schools and bookstores contacting me to discuss author’s visits or booksignings that tie in at some level with the Common Core State Standards. I’ve got writers connecting with me to discuss both the positive and negative sides of this current educational initiative.

Jeff’s currently getting trained in them to implement them into his classroom this year and I’ve been offered a number of book contracts because of them.

What’s going on?!

Come find out all about the Common Core State Standards and the impact they’re having on your world as a children’s writer. I’m teaching a tele-class next Friday, September 20, 2013 at 1:00 pm PST at the Working Writer’s Club. Click here for more information about the class and how to join up.

And if you want to get a $10 discount on the workshop, sign up to join the Working Writer’s Club! It’s free and it’s a great community to belong to as a writer. Lots of info, great tips, and free advice for everyone who writes. Plus, writing coach Suzanne Lieurance is the best!


  1. Nancy, I’d really like to take this workshop, but will be traveling. Will you be offering another class or via taped class?

    • Oh, I hope it’s FUN traveling, Betsy! And yes, everyone who signs up for the class gets an audio recording.

  2. I will be out of state so can I hear a recording of it?



    • Yes!Everyone who signs up for it gets an audio recording sent to them, too.

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