Posted by: nancyisanders | October 9, 2013

Highlights: Make it Your Goal!


For the past month, I’ve been sharing in real time what I REALLY am doing to try to experience breakthrough in everybody’s favorite magazine, Highlights.

As you can see, even Sandman, my cat LOVES Highlights. He keeps them close to him even when he’s taking a catnap so he can read them when he wakes up again!

If you haven’t yet started on this journey, here’s an article that I hope convinces you to give this a try! I wrote it for the writing-for-children column that I contribute to at the Working Writers Club. (Hey! Why not join this club…it’s free!!!! And it has amazing opportunities for us as writers such as you get to write for any column of your choice and you get to network with other great writers and you get the solid advice and wisdom of awesome writing coach, Suzanne Lieruance!)

Here’s my article:

Strengthen Your Nonfiction Muscles

So come on. Join the adventure! Your writing will never be the same.

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