Posted by: nancyisanders | October 11, 2013

Yes! You Can Celebration


Do you ever wish something fun would show up in your mailbox?

Well…here’s your chance!!!!

To celebrate the re-release of my first how-to-write book for children’s writers, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published and Build a Successful Writing Career, I’m hosting an exciting opportunity right here on my blog for the chance to win FIVE of my published books!

For extra fun, these are going to be a MYSTERY. You won’t know until they arrive in your mailbox just which titles you’ll get.

Will there be a copy of D is for Drinking Gourd? Princess Batilda? America’s Black Founders? My newest release Danger on a Silent Night? Or…?

Ooooh, don’t you just love a good mystery?

Here’s what you can do to participate.

Step 1:
Send out the good news on your social networking about my book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published and Build a Successful Writing Career

You can tweet or post on Facebook or pin its cover on Pinterest in any way you want, or recommend it to your friends on Goodreads…or any other way you like to share fun stuff with your friends.

Here’s the link to share:
Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published and Build a Successful Writing Career

Step 2:
Come back here and post a comment on my blog telling me that you helped spread the exciting news about my book.

Let me know where you posted the news. For each different place you post, I’ll put your name again in the hat. For example, if you post on Facebook and tweet on Twitter, I’ll put your name twice in the hat. This increased your chances of being a winner!

I’ll take names from comments posted here on my blog TODAY and TOMORROW (October 11 and 12, 2013).

Step 3:
I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat who posts a comment today and tomorrow and draw out ONE lucky winner to send a fun MYSTERY package of FIVE of my published books that will arrive in the MAILBOX of the winning name!

Step 4:
I’ll announce the winner of the MYSTERY books here on this blog early next week.

So come on and join the celebration of my book…maybe YOU will be the lucky winner!!!!


  1. I posted on Facebook. Our local SCBWI network has a page.

    • Your name is the first one in the hat!!!! Thanks bunches.

  2. I shared to my friends on Facebook and sent out a tweet to spread the word!!

    • Yay, Donna! And how GREAT to hear from you!!!!

  3. I shared your link on Facebook and Twitter! : ) I hope it brings writers your way!

  4. I posted your book cover on my Pinterest Writing Resources board.

  5. Hi Nancy.
    Congratulations on the re-release! I have this book so I can honestly say it’s a great book and very helpful. I posted the info. on my Sally Matheny- Encourager, Writer, Speaker facebook page and tweeted about it. I tried to download the flier from your website but it didn’t work for me. May be a glitch on my side.

    • Thanks bunches, Sally! And I just checked the flyer and it still works so not sure why you couldn’t download it…

      • Eeeh…I knew it was my computer! I did, however, just pin the news on my Pinterest Board for Writers so add one more entry for me, please!

      • Done!!!!

  6. Nancy, congratulations! I posted on Twitter and FB. If you’d like to put a little promo something together, I’d be happy to post it on Writers on the Move.

    • Thanks for the extra promo, Karen. I’ll e-mail you early next week about that opportunity!

  7. I also did double duty–posting on FB and tweeting! Congrats on the re-release of your book…looking forward to reading it.

    • Thanks bunches, Nancy, and glad you’re joining in the fun!!!

  8. Hi Nancy, So glad to help as I know how much your books have helped me. I posted on facebook but google and twitter wanted me to use some app, If I have time to read more about that later I’ll tweet and google + also. I’ll let you know.

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