Posted by: nancyisanders | October 16, 2013

Highlights: Writing Session 4

I sat down for my final session to work on my last chunk of the first draft of my article.

You may have noticed that I didn’t try to write all four chunks in one sitting.

I often break my writing into chunks. When I write fiction, I’ll sit down to write one scene or one chapter or one stanza of a rhymed picture book. I think this helps keep the writing fresh.

So, for my ending on my Basic Plot Worksheet for my nonfiction article, I sat down to write the final paragraphs of the first draft.

This writing session was very similar to my last one. By now I was getting into a rhythm. This often happens when I’m writing nonfiction. I develop a rhythm of research/write/edit/research/write/edit.

If I were working on an entire nonfiction book, this rhythm and pattern would continue over days and weeks and months. My book Frederick Douglass for Kids took me about 9 months to write.

First I spent time editing the first three sections of the manuscript.

Second I researched and read my primary source materials and also some of my other sources for about an hour and a half, jotting down notes and potential quotes and potential sentences/paragraphs along the way.

Third I headed to the computer and typed out the ending of my article.

Fourth, I pulled up my word document where I had typed my sample published article that I’m targeting from Highlights. I compared its structure and format and word count with my first draft and adjusted places that were too text heavy (one of my biggest weaknesses) or not clear and focused.

Yay! A sense of accomplishment. My first draft was completed from beginning to end.

Now I’ve got something to work with.

How about you? Are you finished yet with your first draft? If not, make it your goal to finish the first draft of your nonfiction article that you’re going to submit to Highlights.

Then come back here and see what’s next on the agenda. Exciting things ahead!

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