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Author Interview: Irene Sonia Roth


Meet Author Irene Sonia Roth!
Irene Roth’s Fearless Writer’s Blog
Facebook: Irene Roth
Twitter: @soniaroth

Irene S. Roth has published over 200 online articles for adolescents and teens. As well, she has published over 200 book reviews for kids, teens, tweens, and adults. She writes academically and creatively. She has also published over 20 books for teens, tweens, and adults. She lives with her husband and cat Tobey in Southwestern Ontario. She was born in Montreal originally. Here are several of her books:


7 habits of highly committed wirters


Q: Describe the journey you’ve taken as a writer.
My journey as a writer is multifaceted and complex, but every part of it is beautiful and I would not have done it any differently after much forethought and reflection.

I started writing when I was a child. I was five and six years old when I asked my mom to buy me a journal for my birthday. Ever since that day, I have been writing for fifteen minutes or more every day. I have some 200 journal books.

I started writing very early and I loved writing and I was a natural writer in that it didn’t take me long to learn how to write. My mom taught me how to read and write by the age of 3 and I couldn’t wait to write on paper.

Fast forward some fifteen years, I started university and as a student I started writing academic papers and articles. I had my first published academic journal when I was still an undergraduate. I always received awards for my writing, and I felt complete only when I was thinking, researching and writing. In the meantime, I started writing books in the area of medical ethics and ethics.

Fast forward another fifteen years, and I started thinking about writing creatively for teens and children. Since I had no inclination towards violent, paranormal or mystery types of writing, I was inclined to write more thoughtful, reflective, religious and philosophical books. They turned out to be mostly nonfiction books—but that was okay and I embraced that kind of writing.

I really didn’t feel comfortable as a storyteller. My father was the storyteller par excellence…but as for me—I loved facts and truth. Stories were not something that I enjoyed. So, most of my writing has been in the form of nonfiction for teens and kids. I am trying to break into the fictional area of creative writing, but I am finding it really hard to do so. But I write stories for personal fulfillment for awhile in order to try it to see if I could break into that complex world of fiction writing. We’ll see as time goes…I guess.

Q: What is your favorite genre to write in at this point of your career?
My favourite genre so far is nonfiction. I love sharing my wisdom and insight with teens and tweens. I also like writing health books for kids. I have one in the works on how to deal with juvenile arthritis.

I also love writing picture books for kids. So, I am spending a portion of every month writing a picture book. A year ago, I made it my goal to write at least one picture book a month. And I have kept to this goal. So, I have over a dozen picture books in my file folders with queries for each.

Q: What books influenced you most of all when you were growing up?
I had so many books that influenced me as I was growing up so it is hard to name a few. I started reading Plato and Aristotle when I was eight and nine years old, and then all kinds of Christian books. I just read and read….in fact that is how I spent a good portion of my childhood. I also loved sports and excelled in gymnastics and basketball. So, I also loved to read books about how to excel and be the best that one can be. I started reading such books when I was nine and ten years old.

Q. Share one tip you would like to give to an unpublished writer about breaking into the world of publishing and getting their first piece published.
The best advice I could offer beginning writers is to never give up. I was trying to break into Pockets—an upper-end magazine for kids for about 5 years. After about four years of trying, I started wondering if I would ever break into the market. Then I spoke to one of my writing friends, and she said, Irene, never give up! Just keep trying. Keep making your articles better and better and you will break into that market one day. I know you will! Well, thanks so much Marianne for telling me that because you are right!

And now…for a special treat…pictures of Irene’s writing buddy Tobey! The first is when he was just a kitten. The second, as you can see is after he’s grown.

Tobey #1 001

Tobey #2 001


  1. Irene, thanks for visiting my blog today and best wishes on your writing journey!!!! Hugs, Nancy

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. You have been such an inspiration to me on my writing journey. I wouldn’t be where I am creatively without your guidance, kind words, and encouragement.


  2. Nice interview, Irene & Nancy. Irene, I’ve seen your name in places, and so it’s nice to be able to *meet* you here.

  3. Hi there!

    I’m glad that you enjoy my writing. Thank you for visiting Nancy’s blog and leaving a comment.

    ~ Irene S. Roth

  4. Great to hear more about you! You’ve critiqued some of my writing and I learned so much from your comments!


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