Posted by: nancyisanders | October 31, 2013

Highlights: Writing the Cover Letter

Next on my to-do list is writing the cover letter to include in my submission to Highlights.

After all this work, I want to be sure I let the Highlights editor know I’ve taken this task very, very seriously. I haven’t just written any old article and started submitting it to every magazine I know of.

I have targeted Highlights. I have read Highlights’ Current Needs. I have read Highlights’ Contributor Guidelines. In my cover letter I’m going to let the editor know this. And so should you!

I won’t actually say that, but I’ll show her by the examples I include.

To show you what I mean and also let you see how I formatted my cover letter, I’m including it with fake text dropped in as a pdf file you can download and print out. Please feel free to copy anything from this letter that you want if you find it helpful.

Sample Cover Letter

As you can see, I addressed my cover letter to Carolyn Yoder. That’s because on Highlight’s page of Current Needs, the instructions say to do this if I’m writing an article for that list. My article is for “History and World Cultures” so she’s the editor I’m targeting. Be sure to double check you get your article submitted to the right editor if you’re also writing a topic to meet one of their current needs.

The first paragraph in my cover letter is the hook. I used blue text to tell you how to write that.

The second paragraph in my cover letter tells my credentials. I used blue text to tell you how to write that. And if you don’t have any published credits yet, just leave that last sentence blank.

The final paragraph gives the nuts and bolts about my article, including its title. You can copy that verbatim, tweaking it to fit your particular article if you want. That text is in black.


  1. Thank you so much! I’m submitting to Highlights for the first time, and this was so helpful to me. God bless.

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