Posted by: nancyisanders | November 4, 2013

Highlights: Submission Time!

I was so excited to reach this point…Submission time!!!! I hope you’re getting ready to submit your nonfiction article to Highlights, too.

It may not be perfect. It may get rejected. But I have grown so much as a writer through this process. And I hope you have too!

Here’s what I put in my Submission packet and in this order:

* SASE: A business-sized letter with a stamp and addressed to me. I don’t want my manuscript back. They can recycle it. I just want to get an acceptance letter from the editor. :o) A business-size envelope is all they need.

* My cover letter

* My one-page resume

* My manuscript: A nonfiction article

* My resume extension/query letter

* The expert’s review e-mail

* My image log

* The bibliography along with photocopies of each page I cited in the manuscript

* A DVD with potential images they can use that are free or in the public domain

* A nice piece of cardboard to protect my DVD

And now I’m heading off to the post office and get this puppy out the door!

Have you submitted something to Highlights yet? If so, let us know what’s in YOUR submission package.


  1. I hope to hear good news soon of an acceptance 🙂

    • Thanks, Tina! It’s been fun to have you come along on the journey, too!

  2. Nancy, this has been a very educational series. I have recommended it to others and plan to study it over and over again myself. Thank you and best wishes! I can’t wait to shout “Squeee!” with you when Highlights accepts your ms. 🙂

    • Thanks for helping to spread the word, Jane! And I’m glad you’ve found this helpful. Hopefully you’ll experience success in this journey too!

      And exciting news…I’m working on gathering all the posts into one document and offering it as a free e-book here on my blog soon. That will make it easier to follow the steps, I think. So stay tuned!

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