Posted by: nancyisanders | November 12, 2013

New Writing Tips and Strategies


Thanks for joining me in the last batch of posts here on my blog where we went through the journey of writing and submitting a nonfiction article to Highlights. If you followed along and actually submitted something, let us know when you hear back. I’ll let you know, too. Even if we get rejections, it was still a journey worth taking. You can read more about this by clicking here.

I’ve been thinking about what to post next here on my blog. And guess what? This time you get to help me decide! Look over the following topics. Then post a comment here letting me know which one interests you the most. The one with the most votes will be the one we’ll talk about for the next weeks and months here on my blog. Probably through Christmas!

Now that we have all the steps under our belt to see what it takes to write a nonfiction article for Highlights, how would you like to jump on the fast track and try to write and submit a nonfiction article to Highlights all in one week from start to finish? Yup!

Why would anyone want to do that, you may ask? Because this pace can be the pace an editor asks you to keep. It happened to me last spring. I was offered 4 nonfiction book contracts on a topic I’d really not done much research. I had 4 months to write them and that boiled down to writing a 700-800 chapter every couple of days complete with bibliography, image log of recommended images, quotes, primary sources, glossary, and more!

By learning how to write and submit a nonfiction article to Highlights in just one week, you’ll see what this pace is like to keep. I’ll let you know hour by hour what I do to accomplish this so you can try it too.

Would you like to walk through the process together of what it takes to write and submit a fiction story to Highlights? Plotting the story arc. Developing the characters. Describing the setting. We can join in this adventure together and see what happens in real time to really write and submit a fiction story for one of the best-loved magazines in the nation!

Nonfiction picture books are hot right now! And the journey we just had writing an 800-word nonfiction article for Highlights has given us great experience for taking the next step and writing a nonfiction picture book.

Okay everyone! Let’s vote on it! What journey would you like to take part in on my blog in the weeks ahead?


  1. I vote the nf pb. But I’m ok with either of the 3.

  2. Nancy, I vote for the 800 word nonfiction picture book.

  3. I would love to see fiction submission to highlights. Chris

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I vote also for the nonfiction picture book. I am not much of a fiction writer for kids yet…

    Talk to you soon!

  5. I have interest in the NF picture book

  6. I vote for the NF picture book. Thank you!

  7. I vote for nonfiction picture book, but I know that anything Nancy does will be special.

  8. I’m glad to see all the votes for the non-fiction picture book because that’s what I would love to see!

  9. Yes, it’s fun to see so many who vote for the nonfiction picture book! I’ll wait a little bit to see if anyone else has a choice, then on we’ll go forward in our writing adventure together.

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