Posted by: nancyisanders | November 15, 2013

Free Giveaway!

Magazines HPIM7923

There’s going to be a great big fun scavenger hunt coming soon here to my blog and to the blogs of 30 other Christian children’s authors! The GRAND PRIZE will be an iPad Mini and there will be lots and lots of free giveaways of great books for kids!

One of the things we’re going to do is use Rafflecopter to help choose the winners of the different giveaways…which means I need to learn how to use Rafflecopter first…which means I gotta get some help from YOU!

So, before all the fun and games begin in the first week of December, I want to do a trial run with Rafflecopter here on my blog. So I decided to do a mini-giveaway of 6 free copies of a Christian children’s magazine I’ve written for. This will help me see if I have Rafflecopter working correctly AND it will give you a little taste for what’s coming your way!

If you’d like to join in the fun, just click on the link below and follow the instructions. The winner will be announced here on my blog November 19 and I’ll mail you the copies of the magazine! (Contestants must be able to supply a mailing address within the continental US to receive the prize.)

Click HERE to sign up!

Oh, and since this is a trial run, if you’d like to post a comment here to let me know if this worked for you or not, that would also be very helpful!

Thanks a bunch!


  1. Nancy, I used Rafflecopter on my blog about a month ago for the first time, too, and it was pretty easy. Have fun w/your contest!

    • Thanks, Tina! And I’m glad to hear Rafflecopter is easy.

  2. Nancy, I THINK I signed up. Had trouble getting out of system but that could easily have been MY fault. Can you tell if I have registered? Hope this helped you know if it is working.


    • Yes, Gloria, I just checked and it has you signed in! Yay!

  3. Okay Nancy, I think it is working. I just entered! Thanks for the give away.

    • Yes, your name is on there, too, Janet. Yay!

  4. I just entered the contest and It was easy (assuming I did it right!). Hope I win!! I’ve been meaning to subscribe to this magazine so I could study it better. Chris

    • Yes, your name’s on the list, too, Chris. Thanks for entering!

  5. Sorry! Can’t help you as I live in Alaska. We Alaskans are cut out of many of the country’s perks.

    • Oh Louise, that’s too bad. Wish the postal service was better. And I also wish I could come up and visit with you. I’ve always dreamed, ever since I was a girl, of living in Alaska. My dad was stationed in Juneau in the 1940s while he was in the Air Force and I inherited some mementos from his time there.

      • By all means, come on up. We don’t get many visitors here, and we welcome any and all with open arms. I really wanted to try the nonfiction highlights article, but I work full time and was taking some college courses this semester (finished Dec 10) so couldn’t. Would really like to try this nonfiction picture book, but am absolutely ignorant of how to do research and the possibility of getting sued for plagiarism scares me to death. I’ve read both your books now and would like to try, but haven’t got a clue how to narrow a topic and then do the research, so am thinking,… and thinking… and thinking….


      • Thanks so much for the invitation, Louise! And my oh my, what a busy gal you are! Bravo for you to try to write in the middle of work AND college. And yes, doing research is absolutely scary for the reason you mention, but in the end, I think it’s healthy kind of scary. But you know what? You’re actually at a great place in your writing journey. THINKING about all these things and even being aware of these things shows that you are making progress as a writer…just one step at a time! Perhaps if you want to join this journey we’ll be taking together, you could focus on these 2 skills…learning how to narrow a topic and gain more confidence doing research. That would be plenty to dip your feet into at this point. So perhaps instead of joining to actually WRITE, just commit to join to LEARN this time around and then you can start to write something AFTER your learn the process. What do you think?

      • You really are a very upbeat, supportive, encouraging person, are you not? I will be following along in the journey and doing what I can regarding my two “sticking” points. Thank you.

      • Louise, thank you for YOUR encouraging words! I’m glad you feel more motivated now.

  6. I entered. It was super easy.

  7. Yes – I think I signed up! And answered the pet question.

    Hope it all goes smoothly. I’m nervous every time I tinker with my blog settings and widgets.

    • Me too, Cathy! That’s why I thought I better give this a trial run. :o)

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