Posted by: nancyisanders | January 17, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book: Writer’s Mini-Retreat


The good news is that we’re getting ready to start along the writing path in our journey to write an 800-word nonfiction picture book!

For those of you who are self-motivated, you can follow right along with the steps I share here on my blog.

For those of you who have already fallen behind in the research and aren’t exactly sure if you’re still committed enough to actually write that first draft from beginning to end, here’s something practical you can do to get back on track with your goals:

Invite writer friends to meet together with you for a writer’s mini-retreat! You can meet in your home, at the local Starbucks, or in a quiet room at your local library. And if you don’t know any writers who live near you, connect with one other writing buddy and work together while you’re connected face-to-face on your laptops via Skype or Hangouts at gmail. And if you don’t know anybody else who writes nonfiction picture books, get connected today! There are different online groups such as the amazing group I just joined on Facebook at Wow nonficpic. Sign up and find other like minds to connect with.

When you meet in your mini-retreat, you can follow the upcoming posts I’ll be sharing on my blog ’cause I’ll be hosting a writer’s mini-retreat in my home with a bunch of my writer buddies. We’ll be writing…actually writing…our nonfiction picture books during this retreat!

We’ll be meeting for 3 hours a couple of days a week for a couple of weeks. I’ll be posting here on my blog what we really do in real time when we really meet to really, really write the first draft of our nonfiction picture book manuscripts. You can follow along with these posts, too, and get your story out of your head and actually onto paper! Really!

And if someone in your group likes to bake, ask them to bring along a fresh-baked pie to your mini-retreat…tasty yummies always make a writing retreat more fun!


  1. This is a great idea, Nancy! Thanks!

    • Let me know how it goes if you do this!!! I love to hear about other writers getting together.

  2. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Nancy I Sanders is multi – published and such a great writer and teacher

    • This is so great, Marlene!!! Thanks bunches!!! And I’ll be posting soon about the details of the mini-retreat, so watch for it in February!!!!!

      • Hi Nancy, just read your comment of February, OOPPS!

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