Posted by: nancyisanders | March 12, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book: Next Projects

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As I mentioned in a previous post here on my blog, as soon as I finish up the first draft of the current nonfiction picture book I’m working on, I’ll show you how to pick up the pace and write the first draft of a nonfiction picture book in 3 weeks and then the first draft of a nonfiction picture book in 1 week.

For the picture book that I’ll write in 3 weeks, I already have all the research books I need in my own personal research library.

But for the 1-week project, I’ll be writing about a topic cold. This means I never ever researched it before. One of the reasons I want to show you how this is done is because sometimes an editor’s interest or a high-paying deadline demand this kind of fast fast pace on a topic you know nothing about.

Realistically, though, when one of these supersonic speed projects is coming down the pipeline, as soon as I get wind of it, I order in stacks of library books so that I have what I need to do my research in the week that I’ll be writing my first draft. Otherwise, it simply takes too long for the library books to come in.

So this past weekend, I visited my local library and grabbed every book off their shelves that was remotely connected with my new topic. Yesterday, I went online to my county library system and ordered in a big stack of even more books that will be focused on my new topic. I got tons of nonfiction children’s books and a couple of adult tomes as well.

If you’re going to follow along and write the first draft of a new nonfiction picture book in 3 weeks and then in 1 week, I encourage you to gather your research resources now. That way you’ll have the resources you need to accomplish this fun goal, too.


  1. thanks for sharing—looking forward to learning more.

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