Posted by: nancyisanders | March 27, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book: Hip Hip Hooray!

I’ve been hearing from so many of you by personal e-mail about your nonfiction picture book writing journeys! It’s been so much fun to know we’ve been all working hard toward our goal of writing the first draft of a nonfiction picture book from beginning to end.

Some of us finished awhile ago and have been chomping at the bit to get started on the 3-week nonfiction picture book project. Some of us just finished and are taking a deep breath before we get started on yet another first draft. Some of us are racing toward the finish line. And some of us are still in the middle of it all.

Whichever stage you’re at, I want you to be encouraged! Don’t despair if you’re not yet done. Try not to see this as a time crunch. The exciting thing is that we’re moving forward as a writer and acquiring new skills. Just take the time you need to take to finish the first draft of your manuscript.

When I wrote my alphabet book, D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet, it took me three months of solid and intense research and writing sessions just to write the first draft.

For those of you who already finished your first draft, and for those of you who will reach it on the day you get there, I’ve got a fun little picture you can add to your website or blog if you want. Or if you simply want to put it on your desktop or print it out and hang at your desk, you can do that too! I made this just to cheer you on and say, “Hip hip hooray for a job well done!” I hope you had a whale of a good time!

Here it is, nice and big if you want to save it and print it out:

Nonfiction Picture Book logo

And here it is as a cute little thumbnail if you want to save it and put it on your website or blog:

Nonfiction Picture Book logo

Starting a week from Monday, for those of us who are ready to roll up our sleeves and start writing the first draft of a nonfiction picture book from beginning to end, join me right here on my blog to print out the calendar we can follow  to get our picture book done in just three weeks!

And if you’re not at the place where you can join in this next adventure because you’re still working on this draft (or whatever other commitment you may have) you can still print out the calendar and follow along to see how to really write the first draft of a nonfiction picture book in just three weeks.

In the meantime, watch for my next post where I’ll be sharing a list of things to do and stuff to gather so you can be ready when it’s time to start. Here we gooooooo!

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